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Lie Detection Testing Throughout UK & Europe

Terry Mullins, Professional Lie Detection & Polygraph Services

Member of the American Polygraph Association

Welcome to UK Polygraph Services founded by Terry Mullins, Independent, Qualified Polygraph Examiner and Member of the BPA & APA.

All testing is conducted using the very latest computerised equipment for highly accurate and reliable results. All types of cases undertaken:

Sexual Abuse
False Accusation
Integrity Screening

You wilI receive a confidential and un-biased test, which is accompanied by a full written report on request.

Tests can be arranged quickly and carried out at your home, office or a location of your choosing. Alternatively, I can arrange for a test to be carried in Grays Essex. I am available to undertake tests anywhere in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe.

My training as a professional polygraph examiner was carried out at Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice (MICJ) an American Polygraph Association (APA) accredited training school.

I am also a member of the American Polygraph Association which is dedicated worldwide to ensure the polygraph is a tried and tested method of truth verification. The APA ensures its members obey the ethics of the profession.

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Tel: 01375 408 215 ~ Mob: 07984 851 030 ~ Email: